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Dates 2022

May 5th 845pm  Jazz Sanctuary In All Languages the music of Ornette Coleman with Alyson Cawley Calum Gourlay Jeff Williams


May 8th  330pm Vortex  London Jazz Orchestra


May 25th 8pm Flim Flam Club at Ryans Bar 181 Stoke Newington Church Street N16 0UL  Free improvisation duo with cellist Hannah Marshall


June 5th   330pm Vortex  London Jazz Orchestra


June 12th 2pm Jazz Centre Southend  Quartet with James Kitchman Jakub Cywinski Jeff Williams


June 17th Norden Farm Centre For The Arts Maidenhead Quartet with Alex Hutton the music of Charlie Parker


June 24th 730pm Morley College London Jazz Orchestra


26th June 3pm Leicester The Bottle Garden Guest soloist with Lee Allatson Quartet


July 3rd 330pm Vortex  London Jazz Orchestra


July 4th 8pm Copenhagen   Universal Connection with Hans Koller Anders Christensen(AC) Anders Mogensen


July 9th 2pm Swanage Jazz Festival   Charukesi with Alyson Cawley Rob Luft Adam Merrell


July 26th 8pm Eastside Jazz Club Leytonstone  In All Languages the music of Ornette Coleman with Alyson Cawley Calum Gourlay Adam Merrell


Nottingham Libraries Tour with Mike Outram Calum Gourlay Jeff Williams


October 10th 730pm Beeston Library 


October 11th 730pm Worksop Library 


October 12th 730pm Southwell Library


October 13th 730pm West Bridgwood Library


 December 2nd 730pm Morley College London Jazz Orchestra


December 23rd Newhampton Arts Centre Wolverhampton In All Languages the music of Ornette Coleman with Alyson Cawley Jakub Cywinski Jeff Williams


‘That’s one of the most magical things about music; you can start playing with somebody and if there is a certain level of affinity you just feel at home immediately. It becomes very intimate...’ - Jorge Rossy

Full video:


a film by Emile Scott Burgoyne. Runtime: 38mins

New documentary following a 17-day music tour with the Martin Speake International Quartet, featuring jazz icons Martin Speake (saxophone) Ethan Iverson (piano) Jorge Rossy (drums) Jeff Williams (drums) and Calum Gourlay (bass).

Shot in February 2020 across the UK, the film weaves between concert footage, fly-on-the-wall green room conversations, and interviews with the band as they muse on life as musicians, who inspires them, and the value of connection in an increasingly isolated world.

Teaser Trailer: Extended Trailer:


Martin Speake


Citing Charlie Parker, Paul Motian, Lee Konitz, Keith Jarrett, Ornette Coleman and Rabih Abou Khalil amongst his major influences, Martin Speake has developed a personal musical voice that expresses a deep understanding of the history and language of Jazz and an individuality as an improviser that is intelligent, melodic, cool, complex, direct, beautiful and profound. 


A member of the saxophone quartet Itchy Fingers in the 80s, he has recorded 23 albums as leader including the internationally acclaimed ECM release Change Of Heart with Paul Motian, Bobo Stenson and Mick Hutton.

Current Projects


Recently showcased during London Jazz Festival at Cadogan Hall, Charukesi is a newly formed project - a pared-down version of Martin Speake’s previous 7-piece group ‘Fever Pitch’. Charukesi was formed to reflect Martin’s interest in rhythmic music from around the world including Arabic, Indian and Turkish influences. In Martin’s words, “I felt I wanted to play music that is very immediate for audiences and is simple harmonically, groove based and the improvising consists of primarily melodic and rhythmic development rather than based on chord changes.” Featuring Mike de Souza on guitar; Will Glaser on drums and Alyson Cawley on tenor sax and clarinet - all young luminaries in their own right.

Martin Speake Trio

This unusual trio of alto saxophone, guitar (Mike Outram) and drums (Jeff Williams) brings together all of Martin’s musical influences alongside his favourite musical partners. The three musicians are committed to improvising in the moment.

Meditative ballads, trance like grooves, free improvisation, minimalism, jazz standard songs, Arabic influenced music, heavy metal guitar, unaccompanied solos from each player and more are featured in this unique and intimate trio


Intention is a revival of his musical alliance with one of the most high profile, exciting and innovative American jazz pianists, The Bad Plus's Ethan Iverson who will be touring with Martin along with Fred Thomas (bass) and James Maddren (drums).

Intention, a quartet recording with Ethan Iverson, Fred Thomas and James Maddren, captures the breadth of Speake's musical influences within a selection of originals composed throughout his notable career revisited and reinterpreted alongside these three exceptional musicians.

Martin Speake is a D'Addario Performing Artist and performs exclusively on Select Jazz reeds

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